Sunday, February 8, 2015

He Sent His Son - Broken Hearts Singing Time

 Today in primary singing time we did a fun Valentine's related activity
while practicing He Sent His Son. I thought I'd share!

In He Sent His Son (#34), there are 5 questions asked and then answered. Since my kids already know the song well from last year I thought this would be a good opportunity to dig a little deeper and make sure they are really understanding the lyrics of the song. 

Since it's Valentine's Day this week, I used "Broken Hearts" to demonstrate each of the questions and answers in the song.

I printed each question and answer in a heart, and mounted them onto pink paper. Once I had my hearts, I then cut right down the middle of them using different patterns for each and laminated them. In each heart, the questions are in the left piece and the answers are on the right.

We sung throughout the song once. Before singing I explained/reminded them that the song has 5 questions in it, and each answer is given after the question asked. I told them to listen for each question and answer as we sung through the song. We then played our game! (For Junior Primary, I taped the heart pieces up on the board like so)

I had a child come up and select a "question" heart piece. (In Junior Primary I told them which one to pick so we could do them in order. In Senior Primary I made it more tricky and turned the "question" pieces around so they couldn't see the question before picking.) They read the question (or I read it to them) then they had to select the "answer" piece that went with it. To check to see if they were right, they would see if the two pieces fit together.

Once we fit them together we sang that question/answer phrase!

After we successfully put all of our broken hearts back together, 
I bore my testimony that Heavenly Father Sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to help heal our broken hearts!

We then sang the song again one more time. 
In Junior Primary, they stood up every time we sang the question, then sat down when we answered.
In Senior Primary I split them up boys vs. girls (kind of fun for Valentine's Day!)
The boys sang the questions and the girls sang the answers. (I actually really liked the way it sounded split up like this and might consider doing something like that for the program.)

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To download He Sent His Son "Broken Hearts",
Click HERE

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Primary Chorister has been my calling, in different wards, for the majority of the past 4 years.
I hope to share some more of my ides for singing time here on Our Sweet Life for my own record and to help any other choristers out there!

Happy Sunday! :)

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